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10 interesting facts about Estonia

Hey there, dear followers. Already has passed a week after our last issue. Every week we try to write some interesting news for you, hoping that you will have some fun while reading it and our articles will not be boring to you. So let us check out our new fun article about Estonia.

  1. It’s mostly female

The country has distinctly more women than men. For every 100 females in Estonia, there are 84 men – only the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory in the Pacific, with a population of around 50,000, has a smaller percentage of males. Estonian women live 10 years longer, on average, which goes some way to explaining it. Incidentally, the UAE is the country with the highest male-to-female ratio, a remarkable 2.19:1.

  1. They love wife carrying

Estonians are also adept at the non-Olympic sport of wife carrying. Though it originated in Finland, Estonian couples won the Wife Carrying World Championships for 11 consecutive years between 1998 and 2008, and the most popular carrying technique, shown below, is even referred to as the “Estonian Carry”.

  1. And lots of islands

Estonia has 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic. That is a lot, but far fewer than the country which claims to have the most – Finland, with 179,000 (we’re not sure who counted them). Britain has 6,289.

  1. Skype and others

Everyone knows that Skype was created in Tallinn, but Estonians haven’t rested on old laurels. There are plenty of new successful startups like Teleport – a software that calculates the best place for you to work and live, Transferwise – a money transfer solution, GrabCAD – a share community for 3D printing projects. With about 400 startups altogether, Estonia boasts the highest ratio of startups to population in Europe.

  1. Startups

The country also has the highest number of startups per capita in Europe.

  1. Safety reflectors

It is a law in Estonia to have safety reflectors attached whether you are walking or biking during the night time or when the visibility is inadequate. The reflector can be pinned to your handbag, coat or any other suitable place where it is easily spottable. Otherwise, you could be fined up to 400 EUR.

  1. They vote online

Estonia was the first country in the world to adopt online voting – way back in 2005.

  1. They don’t go to church

According to a Gallup Poll, Estonia is the world’s least religious country. Just 16 per cent of respondents said religion was an important part of their life, compared to 27 per cent of Britons, 65 per cent of Americans and 100 per cent of Bangladeshis and Indonesians.

  1. It’s wild – and has wolves

Other attractions including Soomaa National Park, one of 12 protected wilderness areas in Europe. Visitors might try their hand at bog shoeing, to help them traverse the marshy ground – but watch out for wolves.

  1. Public transportation

Now, do not be jealous after learning the fact that public transportation in the capital Tallinn is free. Yes, that is true for the registered residents of the city. This sort of arrangement also benefits the environment, as there are fewer cars on the roads of the capital now than before. In addition, more registered residents means more tax revenue for the capital as well. What a good idea!

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