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Lithuania from the other side or interesting facts you did not know about it

Good afternoon or morning, or even evening, ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce you tiny, lovely, very “greeny” country – Lithuania and some cool facts about it. 1. There is a theme park in Lithuania which recreates life as a USSR citizen. Visitors have their belongings confiscated, have to wear gas masks, experience interrogation, and must learn the Soviet anthem.

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10 interesting facts about Estonia

Hey there, dear followers. Already has passed a week after our last issue. Every week we try to write some interesting news for you, hoping that you will have some fun while reading it and our articles will not be boring to you. So let us check out our new fun article about Estonia. It’s mostly female The country has

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Infrastructure of Italy and work opportunities in Italy

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! It’s, Italy, baby! How cool is this country! The country of beautiful people, fascinating views, delicious food and high perspectives. Let’s look through the infrastructure of “Viva la Vita” J Italy has an efficient and modern infrastructure, even though it performs poorly compared to other Western European countries of comparable size. The whole peninsula is well

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