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Fresh view on Vilnius city

Earlier this year, most travel experts predicted that the trend of staycation would be the most popular. They probably have predicted the future without even knowing what to expect this year. It is time to take fresh look on Vilnius city. It is worth starting your trip from the unofficially most narrow Vilnius street. This narrowest street is near M.K.

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The most beautiful flowers in the world

Flowers have been popular at all times. With their help, you can express different emotions – love, loyalty, memory. In addition, for hundreds of years, flowers have been used to treat patients by using it in aromatherapy procedures. Amorphophalus from Sumatra is considered to be the most stinking plant in the world. Due to its unique aroma, similar to the

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EU financial support

Poland, Italy, Spain will be the first to receive EU financial support for jobs under the SURE program in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis – this information was announced by the Poland’s radio. “These three countries had negative effect caused by the crisis. The money will reach them very quickly. We are doing everything we can to save

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The discovery of the century

Near the Great Barrier Reef, Australian scientists say that they have discovered a separate coral reef with a height of almost five hundred meters. The reef is higher than the Vilnius TV tower, and its length is one and a half kilometers. “The base of the reef is about a kilometer and a half long. Its height is almost five

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Protective masks. What to choose?

The ideal mask traps airway droplets released during coughing or sneezing – the primary route of human coronavirus transmission – along with the aerosol released during speaking or breathing. Over the past few months, researchers have been working to assess which mask is most effective in stopping the spread of coronavirus. They compiled a list that evaluated which masks provide

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