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5 awkward facts about the work of stewardesses

Looking from the ground to the sky, the profession of stewardess is jealous – flying around the world, enjoying free travel, work is not boring. But in reality they have to carry heavy objects, even take births. And all other accidents, inadequate passengers, stress, fatigue … What are other inconveniences of this profession? Strict rules. Even during the selection process,

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High blood pressure: it’s not worth relying on medication only – these small changes can help

Salty and fatty foods, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, constant or prolonged nervous tension, disregard for signals sent by the body are allies of arterial hypertension. If a patient has an entry for “arterial hypertension” in the medical history of the elderly family members, then the risk of the disease increases even more. People with extra weight have arterial hypertension up

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