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5 awkward facts about the work of stewardesses

Looking from the ground to the sky, the profession of stewardess is jealous – flying around the world, enjoying free travel, work is not boring. But in reality they have to carry heavy objects, even take births. And all other accidents, inadequate passengers, stress, fatigue … What are other inconveniences of this profession?

  1. Strict rules.

Even during the selection process, the requirements sometimes are even absurd. Previously, the requirements were: 160 cm tall, weighing no more than 60 kg, without a man and children. At the moment, every airline has its own standards, every detail is described – from the length of the skirt to the color of the underwear.

  1. Health problems.

This type of work has health consequences – constant noise impairs hearing, shift work, night flights disrupts sleep, insomnia, even depression, joint stress, joint pressure and heart disease. The most common occupational disease of stewardesses is varicose veins, because they stand almost all flights.

  1. Loneliness.

Some airlines still employ only women without a family.

  1. No plans.

Life becomes unpredictable – the flight schedule changes every month. Even during the holidays, the situation can change, then you have to return to work.

  1. Additional responsibilities.

The main duty of stewardesses is to ensure safety, not to serve passengers, but the latter often forget this and are annoyed by their requests and whims.

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