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7 tips to motivate employees

Opportunities for potential growth
If a person constantly does the same thing, he is demotivated. If he doesn’t grow up as a
personality, his motivation ends very quickly. The conveyor belt is the worst thing that can be in
terms of motivation. When a person has the opportunity to learn something new, attend
workshops, gain new skills, it always inspires him. He’s curious about what he does. Motivation
acts as an aspiration.
Person goes to work for money. He must be able to earn more. Money acts as a motivational tool
when a person has a direct link between his or her job performance and wages. This is how
sellers are motivated – how much they sold and how much they earned. If there is no direct link
between salary and job performance, money does not work as a motivational tool.
Flexible work schedule
With a free work schedule, a person feels the master of the situation. No one likes being in
control of it. The more constraints are created, the lower the motivation. A good leader is one
who may not be there, and the team feels the meaning of their work.
Possibility to individualize the process
Let the employee do as he imagines, even if you feel like everything needs to be done
differently. Let him settle in, get a work schedule. Agree with the person on the result of the
work, and let the person decide for himself how to achieve it.
Show the employee that he or she is significant. If you criticize all his thoughts, he will lack
Maximum and specific objectives
A goal is a result that a person strives for. If there is no specific goal, it demotivates because it is
not clear which way to go. Person is not motivated by small goals. Paradoxically, big goals are
easier to achieve than small ones. Because a big and tangible change motivates and forces you to
move forward.
Clear criteria
Make it very clear what is good and what is bad. If there is no clarity, one does not realize what
work is considered good. If the “appreciate – like” principle does not like the principle, the
motivation of the employee will decrease. It needs to be explained very clearly, logically and
reasonably what is expected and how things are to be done.

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