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How to Find Paid Work Abroad with Accommodation

If there was a time when getting a job abroad was close to impossible, that is most definitely not the case anymore. Hello, it’s 2019 and jobs abroad with accommodation and no experience are also possible!  Anyone with the dream to move, work and live abroad has the opportunity to make that dream come true.

There are endless job opportunities abroad that you can choose from, from small jobs like working in tourism or as an au pair, to working in your own specialized field but in a different country. What’s the catch you wonder? No catch at all. Countless English speaking jobs abroad with accommodation are waiting to be discovered, you just have to know how to find them.

One of the biggest worries everyone has when thinking about taking jobs abroad is of course accommodation. However, that won’t be a problem for you, because we’ve got your back as always! If paid work abroad with accommodation is what you are looking for, like we’re already established, that is what you will be getting. Keep on reading and check out 6 paid jobs abroad with accommodation that you can apply for right away.

5 steps to find paid work abroad with accommodation

1. Expand your search

Your first instinct will be to check the normal housing market, where sometimes prices are over the top end of your budget. If you got a job abroad on the line, there is no shame into asking your employer if they can provide accommodation or at least support with finding something cheap and maybe close to your own workplace. If you’re working in a restaurant, the owners will most definitely help you find a room or maybe even offer you one.

2. Check the fine print

You know what they say, the devil is in the details. Before you sign a lease or any form of contract, always read the fine print. Remember that you are in a different country and there are different rules that apply here. Some places request a 3 months deposit beforehand, some give it back to you when you move out, some don’t (depending on what condition you leave the place in), some prices include the utilities, whereas others make you pay extra. But the most important thing you’d want to know is how easy can you move out and how long can you stay. If you’re a person that likes a quiet environment and suddenly there’s a construction sight right across the street, you might have to move again. Are you sure you can (or want to) do that?

3. Check references

You know how usually landlords get references on the tenants, you can do the same. A place might always look good at first glance, and the price might be perfect, but what if there is a catch? You don’t want to sign a contract first and then find the problems with the space. It can be anything from loud neighbours, to plumbing problems, or something as simple as not liking your landlord.

4. Check surrounding and transportation option

If your job is downtown, you want to be as close as possible. But close to downtown also means higher accommodation prices. That’s why places like Germany and Netherlands have a great transportation system that even if you live further away from your workplace, the public transportation connections are so good, that you won’t even have to worry about living too far away.


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