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National visa for Belorussian citizens

Due to situation in Belorussia, Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to give citizens of Belorussian national visa in a more simple way. From 21st of September, 2020 till 21st of March, 2021 there will be easier to gather documents needed for visa, and the person will be allowed to show the account that contains money for only 3 months

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Leo, Taurus, Virgo

You know we decided to have some fun. And according to some popular web sites, wrote about horoscope signs who are extremely good at business. Check this out! Leo. These people are extremely trustworthy. They are good with other people and can bring the best out of them. They have high business acumen. Taurus. Taurus people are patient and determined.

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Economic in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic

Today we would like to overview the situation in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic. We will look through some different sources and gather the most powerful information according to this topic. So let’s start! As rfi.fr says, European economy hit worse by coronavirus crisis than thought. The European Commission said the economies of countries that sustained the heaviest tolls of

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Business Psychology

All we know that the future depends on us. When of the most powerful studies are psychology, and business psychology, as we think, should be on top. We think that every business sector and company must have business psychologist. And what’s your opinion on that? So what’s the worth of it in business area? Psychology is critical to the workplace.

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Places to visit in Latvia

Did You know that having working visa in Europe means no more staying at home! You can travel to all European Union countries. So let’s travel together to Latvia! From big city sophistication to heartfelt country hospitality, Latvia has a warm welcome for every visitor. Discover ancient castles, wander through stunning valleys or laze on miles of beaches in this

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10 most motivational phrases

Dear CVmira followers, we know that sometimes times changes and the attitude to life has ability to be changed. So we decided to encourage You and post 10 motivational phrases, that will encourage You and lead like a light through hard times. Please remember that the hard time passes, but your inside strength will keep growing. Our best motivational phrase

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Economic during coronavirus pandemic

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic caused a number of unpleasant questions for the entire economy. over the world. For each country, the priority is the health of its citizens, so the main goal is: adopt budgetary, liquidary and political measures to enhance the capacity of their health systems; and assist those citizens and sectors that have been particularly

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How to get extra money

There is one definition that could be unknown for you, but very relative for those who are searching for short-term works or just wants to earn some extra money. This definition is weekend jobs. Weekend jobs can be undertaken for a variety of reasons. You may be a student looking to support yourself through a degree or gain valuable work

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What is social working?

Social worker’s position is very popular in Europe and the demand for this job is very high. Firstly, let us start with the explanation what does it mean. Social work is a profession oriented towards helping people in need. Social work practice External link includes helping people obtain tangible services, undertaking counseling and psychotherapy with individuals, families or groups, supporting

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