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Creating a community spirit outside the office

Creating a community spirit outside the office

The Glassdoor company has published four job market forecasts for 2022 based on information from reviews, salaries and discussions on their website, as well as data on economic trends. Some few important and special points concerning this forecast.
According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 48% of employees felt isolated from their colleagues during the pandemic. But as the Omicron strain continues to derail plans to return to work, many tech professionals are still teetering between offline and online work.
Therefore, companies that want to retain and attract employees will need to learn how to create a community spirit and culture outside the four walls of the workspace.
The growth of online work can also alienate those who work remotely from the team. Companies from LinkedIn to Evernote are experimenting with tools and policies to give their remote workers the same time and opportunity as those in the office, but the problem still exists.

Employers need to be careful to ensure that remote workers stay connected and that they foster community and connections even for their full-time employees.

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