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Directions for an employer how to use

Directions for an employer how to use


1.11 Please follow the link – https://cvmira.com/. Press «Register».
You need to fill up all areas in the appeared form.

«Display name» – Please enter your name that will see users of cvmira.com.
«User name» – Please enter user’s name (Login).
«Email» – Please enter your e-mail address, where you will get the confirmation of registration
«Password» – Please create and enter your password to access the page cvmira.com (Not less than 6 symbols).
«Repeat password» – Please repeat your password.
«Select» – Press and choose edition, which shows that you are an employer (I’m an employer looking to hire).
«Enter the text you see» – Please enter a code from the black field above.
«Terms of use” и «I agree with the policy privacy» – Agree to the terms: “I agree with terms and conditions” and “I agree with privacy policy”. Press “Terms of use” and “Policy privacy” to look through these documents.
«Sign up» – Press to register.

1.2. You will be automatically forwarded to the page, where you need to verify your e-mail address.

1.3. Please check your e-mail address used for registration. You have to receive e-mail from cvmira.com

1.4. Follow the link that you will see in e-mail. You will be automatically forwarded to the profile of your company, where you can enter all necessary information and details. Necessary to fill in fields are BOLD and starred*.

«Company name*»

– «Company Description»

– «Logo» (160x160px)
– «Cover Image» (1400x600px)
– «Portfolio»  (145x180px)
– «Slogan»
«Full address*»

1.5. Also You will see there the list of social networking. You need to enter links to the platforms your company has.

– «Website»
– «Facebook»
– «Twitter»
– «LinkedIn»
– «Instagram»
– «Google+»
– «VKontakte»
After entering please press – «Save» .

1.6. Also here You can change your e-mail address  «Change Email».

– «Current Email» – Here is your current e-mail .
– «New Email»* – Enter new e-mail address
– «Confirm new email»* – Confirm new e-mail address..

After entering press «Save new Email».

1.7.Also if you needed you can change your current password, in the section “Change password”

– «Current Password» – Enter your current password
– «New Password»* – Enter your new password..
– «Confirm new password»* – Repeat new password.

To save changes press – «Save new password».
You can delete your company’s account using “Delete account” button.

1.8. After you have finished a registration and entered your company’s info, you can publish your vacancy. If you want to publish your vacancy, you should press yellow button in the top right corner – “Post a job”

1.9. At the second stage you             should familiarize yourself with the information about “Free” package you are offered and press “Select”.


  1. Publishing a vacancy

2.1. Describe in details information about vacancy. Necessary to fill in fields are BOLD and starred*.

«Job Title»*;
– «Job Description»;
– «Postal code»;
– «Cover image»;
– «Address»;
«Type»* – Job type (Contract, full-time and so on) ;
«Locations»* – Location of a company;
– «Tags» – Choose Tags from the list below;
– «Salary» – Pay rate. Choose from the list below.
– «Experience Level» – Job experience. Choose from the list below.
– «Year Experience» – Job experience in years.  Choose from the list below.
– «Working Hours» – Working hours. Please write working hours.
– «Closing date» Vacancy’s expire date. Unnecessary to enter, it will be automatically deleted after 90 days.
– «Notification Email» – Please enter e-mail address to receive notifications.

After entering press – «Continue».

2.2. Please check information about vacancy. If everything is correct, check the box – «Please check all information carefully before submitting your vacancy for approval» and press «Submit» button.

2.3. Vacancy will be active after submission of page’s admin. We will check your vacancy within 24 hours.


2.4. Sections «Jobs», «Manage jobs».

Functions of section «Jobs»:

«Job title» – The name of your vacancy.
«Views» – The number of your vacancy’s views.
«Featured» – add to favorites, press star.
«Location» – the location of vacancy
«Closing Date» – vacancy’s expire date
«Apps» – Applications (The number of applicants that are intrested in vacancy).
«Status» – Vacancy’s status (Active, waiting for sumbition)

– «Remain 2 refresh time» – 2 refreshes of vacancy, posibility to change choosed vacancies.    – «Clone job» – Copy, duplicate vacancy
– «Publish job/Unpublish job»;
– «Edit job»;
«Delete job».


2.5. Section «Applications» , allows you to see candidates that are intrested in vacancies.

Functions of section «Applications»:

«Candidate» – Name of candidate
«Avatar» – Photo of candidate
«Applied job» – Name of vacancy
«Message» – Possibility to send message to candidate
«Attachment» – Attachments. Posibility to view CV and contacts, also to send e-mail to candidate or attach him by pressing button “Send Message”.
«Applied date» – Here you can see the date, when candidate responded to vacancy and employer confirmed the candidate.
«Status» –  Confirmation of the candidate, waiting for confirmation or rejection of candidade

 «Action» :
– Approve application;
– Reject application;
– Send message;
– Delete application.


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