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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CVmira?

CVmira it’s service, which allows Russian speaking citizens find job in European Union countries. We unite European employer and Russian employee, also providing the whole informative and legal help for service users.

2. Where is company’s home office located?

We have two departments. One located in Russia, Saint Petersburg and other in Lithuania, Klaipeda.

3. Can I upload my CV on site if I know just one language – Russian?

Yes. Some of job offers requires just one language – Russian. But, we should notice, that even basic speaking language will be an advantage over other potential employees.

4. On what language I can upload my curriculum vitae?

You can upload your CV in English or Russian languages. But, we should notice, that English CV increase the chances for job talk. If you need to translate Your CV we will help you with great pleasure.

5. Is it necessary to upload motivation letter?

You should understand that the motivation letter isn’t necessary, but it’s increases chances. Correctly organized motivation letter will present you to the employer; will show your interest of certain job offer and tell about life goals. Certainly, motivation letter should be written in English language. If you need help to write it, we could help you.

6. Could Your service workers find me certain job offer according to my experience?

We haven’t got this kind of service, but to make it easier to find certain job offers, every job offer contains needed experience for the vacancy. You can use search bar using key words.

7. Will be an employer interested in my CV, if I’m not a citizen of European Union?

Yes. CVmira it’s a communication platform for employer from European Union and Russian speaking employee. But employee should take in consideration that fact, that if You he wants to be employed in European Union, he should have the legal permit for it. In many cases the employer helps to get it.

8. Is there any age limits?

Job offers are just for those, who have already achieved 18 y.o.

9. What should I do if I have no knowledge how to make CV in English language properly and correctly?

If You need help in translating Your CV, You can order this function on our web site.

10. My CV was denied. Why?

Our service is the moderator between employer’s HR-manager and employee. According to this we have no information why the candidate was denied.

11. How could I sign up for newsletter?

Now you could sign up for the newsletter visiting our VKontakte group. A little bit later there will an opportunity to sign up for newsletter directly on our web site.

12. There are so many job offers in the web world, why should I choose you?

CVmira it’s not a staffing company and there no charges for employees for publish theirs CV’s. It’s a communication platform between employers and employees, where they could communicate directly. Here everything depends on You, how correctly will be done Your CV and motivation letter. If you need help in making CV we could help You in that.

About Us

CVmira is a communication platform between future employee and employer.

CVmira will not be liable for any information that contains resume or job offer.

CVmira do not guarantee that You will be employed and do not have any impact on the employment process.

Please contact info@cvmira.com if you are having any problems working with our site.

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