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Work experience required: not required Full time, full day Your key tasks will be: Consulting clients and dispensing drugs; Compliance with pharmaceutical order and trade rules; Compliance with corporate standards of the company. The following competencies will help you with this: Professionalism: pharmaceutical education, certificate; Customer focus; Teamwork skills; Responsible approach and love for people.  

English teacher

Required work experience: 1-3 years Part-time, flexible hours You'll: - work remotely, 3 times a week from 3 hours a day at any convenient time; - to be able to master a new profession at our university of remote professions. You will learn the best teaching techniques that you can apply in the future.  

Mobile developer

Full time, full day Responsibilities: Development of a new website for the company (Frontend) and a mobile application (IOS, Android). Support and improvement of existing Web-solutions Requirements: Successful proven experience in website development (front) and mobile applications for at least 2 years (Examples of working websites and applications for iOS and Android); Experience with a stack of technologies and systems:

Artist – teacher

Work experience required: not required Full time, full day In connection with the expansion, a new vacancy for an artist-teacher has been opened. • You are energetic, affable, smiling and loving people. • You love children and you care how they feel. • You love to draw, will be happy to learn to sculpt from polymer clay or already know

Logistics specialist

Required work experience: 1-3 years Full time, full day Responsibilities: Distribution of couriers by district Distribution of orders Control of courier deliveries organization of the supply of transport for the carriage of orders (hired transport, own park in two cars); control of assortment, quantity of shipped assortment; Search for operational solutions in case of unforeseen situations (vehicle breakdown, delay) interaction


Work experience required: not required Full time, full day Requirements: Driver's license. Responsible approach to work. Friendly communication with the client.  

Play area operator

Work experience required: not required Full time, shift schedule If you like to communicate, stay active, you like helping people, you want to be able to influence your schedule, or you are just looking for a team in which you will develop, grow and make many friends - then you should come to us! Responsibilities: issue of play equipment advice

Hotel administrator

Work experience required: not required Full time, full day Responsibilities: Meeting and accommodation of guests; Acceptance of payment for accommodation; Room reservation; Records management; Placement of advertisements in social networks; Control of room fund cleaning.  

Beginning photographer

Work experience required: not required Full time, full day This vacancy is for you if you: You are interested in photography and would like to develop in this area You want to earn a lot and are ready to learn! What will you need to do? Communicate with clients while filming Shoot on the territory of children's complexes    

Aircraft cleaning specialist

Work experience required: not required Full time, shift schedule RESPONSIBILITIES: execution of a complex of works on cleaning aircraft. REQUIREMENTS: no medical contraindications for working with chemicals; attentiveness, diligence, responsibility.    

Wood painter

Required work experience: 1-3 years. Full time, full day Responsibilities: Preparation of paints and varnishes. - Performing all types of painting work. - Maintenance of mechanisms and devices in proper condition. Requirements: Responsible attitude to work. - Attentiveness, punctuality, respect for company resources. - Work experience

Warehouse employee

What do we have to do: checking the accepted goods for compliance with the requirements movement of the accepted goods to the places of grouping; shipment of goods to couriers We expect you to: have a secondary education or higher; worked with computer equipment; have an up-to-date medical book.

Caregiver assistant

Required work experience: 1-3 years Full time, full day Responsibilities: Helping the teacher in observing the regime moments Babysitting and caring for children, play activities accompanying your group together with the teacher for a walk wet cleaning of the group, change of bed linen Requirements: Neatness, neatness, ability to work quickly love for children


We are looking for a kind, active, responsible nanny. It will be great if the nanny is mobile. Aimed at long-term cooperation. Requirements: - Following instructions for children; - Ability and desire to deal with the development of children; - Cleanliness and tidiness; - Experience with children.

Project manager (oil and gas industry)

Good afternoon, dear job seeker! At the moment we are in search of candidates for the position of Project Manager, whose tasks will include: Effective project management, including the provision and support of the planning, implementation, management and control of projects; Assessment of the prospects of new projects; Formation of a project team from specialists necessary for the successful implementation


Required work experience: 3-6 years Full time, Rotational method Responsibilities: Formation of budgets, control of their execution and achievement of approved budget indicators; Preparation of regular and episodic reporting; Participation in the development of investment and operating budgets for new projects, analysis of their effectiveness and profitability; Participation in the development of measures to ensure a saving regime, increase business

Sales Manager

WHAT WE WANT FROM YOU: – Search and work with clients – Receiving and processing incoming calls (Making settlements, sending commercial offers, reporting) – Drafting and working with documents – Control of shipments and payments – Diligence, diligence, work on the same wavelength with our team!

Warehouse inspector

Responsibilities: Implementation of the checkpoint regime; Ensuring security on the site; CCTV; Bypassing the perimeter and territory of the warehouse complex; Prevention of attempts to steal goods and materials; Monitoring compliance with fire safety measures; Checking the shipment of goods, tracking the movement of employees of the warehouse complex;

Contact Center Operator

Work experience required: not required Full time, shift schedule What to do: receive incoming and outgoing calls to the client base; advise clients on the company’s services and products; take care of clients, provide them with remote support. Requirements: Grammatically correct speech; Sociability; Strong computer skills. Join our team!

Courier driver

Work experience required: not required Full time, flexible hours What do we have to do? – deliver orders to customers by car. · Deliver small-sized orders from the warehouse to the client; · Notify customers that you are approaching.


Requirements: More than 1 year of experience as a driver; Keep your car clean Friendly communication with the client

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