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Required work experience: Not required Full-time, full-time employment. The new amusement park requires animators to work with children. Responsibilities: Maintaining a positive atmosphere during the park’s operation; Assistance in mastering the equipment of the park; Monitoring compliance with the rules of conduct; Conducting holidays as a presenter. Requirements: Neat appearance; Ability to communicate with children; Personal work discipline; Creative approach


Required work experience: Not required What to do: engage in planting seedlings, cuttings, seedlings, trees, shrubs, and flower plants. perform tillage, application of mineral fertilizers and top dressing of plants; pollinate plants and spray them with disinfectants; to do hoeing, razokuchivanie and watering of plantings; perform mowing of carpet lawns, flower beds, molding pruning (trimming) of crowns of trees and


Required work experience: Not required Full-time, shift schedule. Responsibilities: protection of the customer’s property implementation of the checkpoint regime. Conditions: payment on the day of the shift; shift work 60/30 days, 45/15 days, 30/30, part-time work


Required work experience: Not required Full-time, full-time employment Responsibilities: auxiliary work; loading and unloading of construction materials; maintaining order in the assigned territory Requirements: ready for physically demanding work; work experience is optional, (we will teach you everything).


Required work experience: 3-6 years Part-time, flexible working hours. Responsibilities: development of architectural solutions for country houses; participation in negotiations to identify the needs of the client on the composition of the premises, appearance and style of the house; managing the customer under the supervision of a manager; Requirements: higher specialized education (architecture) customer orientation;


Required work experience: Not required Full-time, full-time employment. Responsibilities: – Conducts work aimed at restoring mental health and correcting deviations in the development of the personality of patients. – Identifies conditions that hinder or hinder the harmonious development of the patient’s personality. – Carries out work on psychoprophylaxis, psychocorrection, psychological counseling of patients, as a result of which it provides

Assistant Veterinarian

Responsibilities: – assistance to a veterinarian therapist / surgeon ; – care for animals that are on inpatient treatment; – performing therapeutic manipulations. Cleaning of the workplace. Requirements: higher or secondary professional education in the field of veterinary medicine, secondary medical education. the desire to develop professional skills in the field of veterinary medicine. Work experience is welcome, but not

Department Salesperson

Required work experience: 1-3 years Full-time, full-time employment Requirements: Work experience of 3 years or more . The desire to communicate with people and the ability to win over customers. Benevolence, courtesy of service and delicacy in controversial issues. Efficiency and responsibility. Decency and honesty. Cleanliness.


Responsibilities: Photographing tourists. Preparation and sale of souvenir products. Requirements: Possession and knowledge of photographic equipment, it is desirable to have a removable flash. Sociability, activity. The desire for high earnings. Conditions: Daily payments at the end of the shift Flexible schedule Paid internship If you are interested in photography and want to earn a decent living, then this job

History Teacher

Responsibilities: pedagogical control and evaluation of the development of the educational program in the learning process; teaching lessons in groups and individually; track student progress; feedback to parents of students; timely completion of the schedule of control tests and tests; maintaining an electronic journal Requirements: higher pedagogical education; work experience in an educational institution for at least 3 years; sincere

Design Engineer

Required work experience: more than 6 years Project work/one-time task, remote work. Requirements: Attentiveness, punctuality and efficiency. Conditions: Remote work and piecework payment.


Required work experience: Not required Full-time, shift schedule; Responsibilities: Accommodation of guests at the hotel. Provision of information services. Implementation of the sale of the number fund . Maintaining documentation in paper and electronic form. Working with programs for checking in and registering guests.

Courier driver

Responsibilities: Delivery of orders to customers; Working with small-sized cargo up to 25 kg; Pick-up of goods in a transport company; Execution of the manager’s instructions; Requirements: Politeness is a very important quality of our employees, as the company’s policy is aimed at providing high-quality service to customers. Sociability is a mandatory quality of an employee in the service and

Senior Chef

Required work experience: 1-3 years Full-time, shift schedule Requirements: Experience in the field of catering in the position of cook from 1 year, experience in the restaurant sector, in food production will be your advantage. Ensure proper storage and consumption of products used in the production of dishes, according to the standards of the company Cleanliness, neatness, neat appearance (working


Responsibilities: Advising clients on medicines; Sales of medicines and related products (working with the cash register); Ensuring and maintaining the pharmaceutical order and sanitary and hygienic regime. Requirements: Completed specialized secondary or higher pharmaceutical education; Employment opportunities for final year students; Specialist Certificate/ certificate of accreditation;


Required work experience: 1-3 year Full-time, full-time employment If you: you have a higher education; we gained experience and were inspired to work in this accounting department for 0.5 years; do you want to learn all the sections of accounting and become a real professional in a cool company; be attentive, love documents and be eager to get to work

English teacher

Responsibilities: teaching in groups and individually lessons online and offline preparing for lessons, checking homework we are looking for a full-time teacher Requirements: knowledge of English at the C1/C2 level experience of conducting lessons in groups (at least 1 year) sociability, responsibility, punctuality love for your work (and interest in further development in the field of education) if you have


Responsibilities: Serving restaurant guests according to the service competent advice on the menu maintaining cleanliness in the workplace Conditions: Work schedule 2/2 Salary+bonus for completing the plan + Salary bonuses Stable pay Working in a friendly team Requirements: Experience in the restaurant industry knowledge of service standards communication skills

Interior Designer

Working conditions: Working week 40 hours; Work under the contract; Own coffee maker 🙂 We periodically review the salary. Requirements: Revit, 3 Max; At least 10 completed work projects (preferably with implementation); Be able to measure objects independently; A sense of taste and understanding of modern trends; Knowledge of the basics of architectural design and design; The desire to constantly

Sales Consultant

Responsibilities: Advising customers of the sales floor in the store; Maintaining a high level of customer service; Conducting cash transactions; Display of goods in accordance with the established plans; Pre-sale preparation of goods; Participation in the inventory. Requirements: Competent speech, presentable appearance; Experience in sales is welcome; Good communication skills; Benevolence, energy, learning ability, responsibility.

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