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Director’s assistant

Functional responsibilities of an employee Fulfillment of duties of a purchasing manager (load 20%) Personnel selection, search and organization of personnel training. Execution of various orders of the head. Development of company regulations and control of their implementation. Monitoring the execution of orders from the head. Control of payment of bills, timely transfer of data to the accounting department. Ordering

Department administrator

Requirements: higher education (possibly students, if this does not interfere with working from 09.00 to 18.00); experience of working with clients, with a large volume of documents and with databases from 2 years; competent speech, exceptional attentiveness when working with documents; ability to work in multitasking mode.

Purchasing Manager

Duties: Processing of incoming applications. Market analysis of manufacturers and suppliers, monitoring of prices for building materials. Search for suppliers, focusing on quality, price, delivery time. Elaboration of framework contracts and agreement on delivery terms. Conclusion of contracts with suppliers. Preparation of orders and distribution to suppliers. Receiving and processing invoices / offers from suppliers. Coordination of delivery terms with

The cook in the dining room

Duties preparation of an application for the purchase of products for the implementation of core activities preparation of set meals for employees distribution of ready meals Requirements ability to use technological maps knowledge of the basics of cooking technologies for various dishes and semi-finished products ‚cutting meat and fish good work speed

Electrical Technician

Duties: Conducting daily rounds of warehouse and office premises in order to identify operational violations and the need for repairs. Carrying out minor refurbishment in office and warehouse premises. Maintenance, scheduled repairs, control over engineering systems of warehouse sites: Heating, heat supply and ventilation systems Cold and hot water supply systems Sewerage systems Power supply systems

Security Chief

Requirements: Higher education. Experience in leadership work, the ability to organize a team to solve specific problems, analytical work skills. Work experience from 3 years. Availability of training skills. Required knowledge: legislation, operational-search or investigative activities, the basics of economic activities of economic objects. Reliability, competence, sociability, the ability to work in a team, the ability to work effectively in

Security specialist

Duties: Work in the field of security; Conducting telephone conversations; Implementation of operational visits; Carrying out service checks; Information and analytical work; Carrying out official investigations; Analysis of customer receivables; Carrying out activities for the return of receivables; Checking contractors and client personnel; Analysis of customer security systems; Interaction with law enforcement agencies; Accompanying clients and providing support (meetings, negotiations);


YOUR TASK IS TO PROVIDE: atmosphere of comfortable interaction between clients and employees; effective work and operational management of the copy center; professional and motivated team; training and development of their employees; quality service. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU: know what a customer-oriented service is and are ready to provide it; strive to seek and implement the best solutions; have

Tour operator manager

Duties: – Interaction with hotels, host parties / partners; – Communication and work with travel agencies and individuals; – Making applications for a tourist product from request to implementation; – Entering information into the program; – Formation of tour packages, calculation of price offers; – Information support for the online booking system; -Literate speech, the ability to conduct business correspondence,

Lead coder

Duties: Support, optimization and development of the Holding’s accounting systems; Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the Holding’s accounting systems; Interaction with customers within the Holding when solving problems. Conditions: official registration office work decent wages ‚discussed with successful candidates at an interview.

Reception administrator

Duties: Work at the reception of the sports and recreation complex service for clients and guests of the sports and recreation complex document management of reception work with cash register and payment terminals Requirements: Experience as a receptionist, etc. is desirable. correct speech, friendly attitude desire to work and develop in the service sector

Administrator manager

Duties: Help and control of shift work in a cafe Product control Leading people Ability to properly organize the workflow Requirements: Active life position Skill to work in team Punctuality Work experience is a plus, but not a priority We conduct training


What to do: Communicate with guests – advise on the assortment, accept and collect orders; Make payments at the checkout; Accept and put products on showcases, control expiration dates; Participate in the preparation of baked goods; Keep the establishment clean during the shift.


Job responsibilities: – Organization of the smooth operation of the cafe – Providing effective and quality customer service; – Performing tasks to increase sales, quality and speed of service; – Compliance with sanitary standards; – Organization of the process of providing the cafe with the necessary products, consumables and household funds; – Work with the cashier.

Shop assistant

Duties: Sale of mobile devices and accessories; Consulting Clients; Subscriber connection and service; Solving organizational issues (opening, closing a salon, acceptance and display of a new product); Reporting. Requirements: Activity; Purposefulness; Friendliness and willingness to help; Striving for new knowledge and financial independence; PC user.

Tender specialist

Requirements: – Higher education – Experience from 1 year – Efficiency ‚communication skills‚ responsibility – Punctuality – Stress tolerance Duties: – Participation in tenders – registration, accreditation, conclusion of contracts – interaction with customers

Account Manager

Duties: Working with an existing customer base as an assistant sales manager. Careful and accurate work with customer orders (advising on the selection of the optimal technical solution, on the availability of goods, on the terms of delivery, price negotiation, expanding the requirements for the order); Work with CRM and a database (selection, reservation, shipment of the Goods, other necessary


Job responsibilities: Setting of droppers, intravenous, intramuscular injections, blood sampling from a vein; Computerized medical records management; Compliance with the regime; Sterilization of instruments.


We offer: 1. Stable work: shift schedule (day-night, 2 days off); official registration; 2. “White” wages: payment of remuneration 2 times a month; monthly and annual bonuses; additional income for winning motivational contests. You will: accept payment at the checkout (cash, card payments); prepare coffee and cafe products (pastries, hot dogs, etc.); lay out goods on store shelves, monitor the


Duties: Selection of goods from the rack into a special container (trolley, thermobox, thermal covers, pallets) on orders from stores using modern technologies. Shift schedule 2 / 2,3 / 2 (day / night). Requirements: No medical restrictions on health No PC required No work experience required

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