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How to manage employees

– The task of the manager is to be able to mobilize the team, provide employees with
suitable working conditions and achieve the most efficient work. It is very important to
know how to manage the staff properly, otherwise all your efforts will not achieve the
desired result.

– Get respect from your subordinates and try to set an example for them. Employees
shouldn’t say their manager is entertaining, not working, often late, drinking alcohol
during work hours, driving crazy and funny, and so on. Become an example and try to
prove your high qualifications and love for work, because only then can you ask the same
of others.

– Be right. If you have promised to penalize for delay or delay work – punish, otherwise the
employees will understand that you will not control it. If one employee complains about
another, try to objectively assess the situation and make the right decision without using
personal sympathies or discomforts.

– Don’t become a tyrant. Effective management of employees requires learning to find
common ground with them and, in some cases, an individual approach to each. The staff
should know that you are ready to listen to constructive suggestions, to listen to
someone’s opinion. If any initiative in the team is penalized, employees are likely to act
effectively. This is, of course, particularly true of the creative professions.

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