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Jobs and available vacancies in France

Jobs and available vacancies in France

According to the law, the employer has the right to accept a foreign citizen for a vacancy only if there are no applicants for it among the residents of the EU republics and France. But, nevertheless, every year thousands of labor migrants find work in this state. According to statistics, two people apply for one vacancy. The situation in the labor market is further aggravated by the arrival of a large number of refugees from Afghanistan, Sudan and Syria, where military operations are currently taking place.

There are several options for employment in this republic:

  • Employment as a temporary worker. It is very difficult to get settled in this way, because there is high competition in the labor market, but if a foreign resident can show that he is a highly qualified employee necessary for the development of one of the companies (organizations, firms, etc.), then he will be able to get a job.
  • Employment on a blue card. This card is available only to foreign residents with at least five years of work experience.
  • Employment for scarce vacancies. France is in dire need of technical skills.
  • Employment with the status of a researcher or scientist. These specialists, who have a scientific degree of at least a master’s degree, receive a temporary residence permit for a year. The document can be extended up to 4 years.
  • Employment under the Au pair program. This program involves taking care of the home and children in one of the French families. People from 17 to 30 years old can take part in the program.

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