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Director’s assistant

Functional responsibilities of an employee

Fulfillment of duties of a purchasing manager (load 20%)
Personnel selection, search and organization of personnel training.
Execution of various orders of the head.
Development of company regulations and control of their implementation.
Monitoring the execution of orders from the head.
Control of payment of bills, timely transfer of data to the accounting department.
Ordering office supplies, water, coffee and office life support
Buying gifts for employees and customers.
Organization of corporate events
Preparation of meetings, keeping minutes
Listening to telephone conversations of managers with clients, making comments, suggestions, conducting analysis.
General knowledge in the field of marketing, PR and promotion in social networks.
Collection of materials and information required by the CEO, preparation of analytical, informational, reference and other materials and their presentation to the head.
Tracking of events, forums, events, where you could include as a participant or partner, a leader.
Employee discipline check

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