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Season works in Greece

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“It’s cold outside, baby!” – This phrase is very common to many public places that try to attract
client, but not for bars, cafes, hotels and so on in Greece. There is nice weather during almost
whole year. According to fact that Greece is perfect country for summer vacation and not only,
there is always need in workers in public sector. All HORECA are waiting to employ workers
with good English and Russian speaking languages. Greece is in the list with the top 20 tourist
destinations worldwide.
There are so many reasons why you should apply to work in Greece. You will get to experience
a new culture, see world famous sights, visit spectacular beaches, go island hopping and party in
some of the best resorts in Europe.
Most young foreigners seeking jobs in Greece find work in bars in tourist areas. Generally, bar
owners are looking for people who speak the languages of the tourists coming to a specific area.
EU citizens can legally work in Greece. Non-EU citizens are unlikely to be able to work legally
in Greece at part-time and short-term positions. If you are going for a job with a major
international corporation, they will assist you with the legalities of working in Greece.

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