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Short-term trends in the labor market: 2021-2030

Short-term trends in the labor market: 2021-2030

The largest online job search platform Glassdoor has published trends for 2021:

1. Offices will be empty.
Companies benefit significantly from lower real estate costs and the ability to hire employees without reference to location. Flexible working hours are an inexpensive way to keep employees with the need to care for children or elderly parents.

2. Racial diversity, fairness and inclusiveness is a trend in recruiting that has developed thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and will intensify in 2021.

3. Revision of the salary of distance workers. Millions of people have moved to the regions, because to work from at home, you do not need to continue renting expensive housing in the city center. This makes changes in the competitive landscape and wages.

4. The brand office is no longer the basis of the corporate culture. Design, appearance and the sense of a solid headquarters has lost its relevance during the pandemic. The corporate culture is no longer associated with the office. Online employee’s reviews of work play a major role in the HR brand of the employer. In 2021, companies are using employee’s sentiment data as business intelligence. Highest value for employee’s satisfaction now has three factors, none of which depends on office is a convincing mission of the company, “transparent” solutions of empathic leaders, a clear, understandable career path. And the most important bonus for salary is medical insurance.

5. Many professions will become unclaimed. In the USA in 2020, the maximum “subsided” offer of vacancies in the areas of service, education, administrative office positions, roles in commerce and deferred health care. There was no demand for specialties such as otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, event manager, cook, stylist and even university professor.

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