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The cost of local travel expenses in Klaipeda

One of the most popular questions when you come to other country for business – it is what is the cost of travel expenses. Today we will start our issue from the town of Lithuania, what is the most interesting to travellers – Klaipeda.

In Klaipeda are several types of transport: bus, microbus and taxes. Now in Klaipeda all buses are modern and very comfortable. You can buy one trip ticket or even buy whole month ticket. The whole month ticket also can be several types: just for working days, for whole week, including Saturday and Sunday.

Your monthly ticket you can fill up with money or with certain amount of tickets. The price of one ticket, when you buy it in bus is 1 euro and at the special market such as Narvesen  – 80 euro cents. The price of microbus ticket is 1 euro and it is daytime price, but if you travel after 10 p.m. the price will be 1.50 euro. The tickets for the microbus you can buy just in the microbus before your trip.

We should notice that the cheapest way to travel in Klaipeda is using local transport – bus, and buying your trip tickets by filling up your monthly trip card. In this case the price of one trip ticket will be – 58 euro cents.

The prices for taxes start from approximately 80 euro cents for one kilometre. Different taxes companies have its’ own prices.

In addition, you can hire a car for one trip, using the Citybee Company’s offers. You can load special app, where you can see free cars and the price for one kilometre.

The more availabilities for the bus tickets you can find using the link below:


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