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The labor market in Germany.

In the short term the specialists set aside the recovery of the economy after the lockdowns for two years. But even with all the negative consequences of the crisis decisive for the German labor market they consider 2 factors: demographic situation and economic structural transformation. In general, the number of inhabitants will increase slightly by 2040 and will be about 83.7 million, while the life expectancy of the population in Germany increases and the working-age population will decrease by 5.2 million people. With demographic changes, more and more importance will be attached to health issues, and medical and nursing staff and the elderly will be the most employed. Population aging will lead to the fact that the majority of workers in 2040 will be employed in the health and social services.

Another emerging issue will also be important for the labor market trend. In recent years, the structure of employment in Germany there is a gradual shift away from industry towards the service sector. In future this trend will intensify. But in the manufacturing industry it will be necessary to reduce frames for almost one and a half million. The decline in export dynamics will also affect also the need to adapt to new realities in the automotive industry.

The boom observed in the construction industry, according to the forecasts of researchers, in long term will subside. Demographics once again: new homes and apartments will no longer be required in such a large number. As a result the demand for representatives of construction specialties.  Small cut will be observed in the production of goods. Fewer people will be employed in retail trade (as opposed to online trade), as well as in the field of service car maintenance.

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