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The result of COVID-19 – growing up the organic sector of Spain

As we know the first wave of COVID-19 has mostly attached Italy and Spain, when we speak
about Europe. However, today we would like to say some words about Spain’s organic sector.
As researchers say the COVID-19 crisis is pushing EU consumers to shop for higher quality food
and health-related products.
Also we would like to mention, that the pandemic is impacting the eating habits and overall
consumer lifestyles of Europeans, who are changing their diet to focus more on wellness and
sustainability. And many during the quarantine had a perfect chance to start their healthy life
with sports and fit meal. Us we already know the health eating starts with high quality products,
inserting vegetables, fruits and others, which do not have pesticides.
This is being reflected in higher than average sales of organic food products. Spanish organic
olive oil producer, María Miró Arias, says her online and private sales have shot up by more than
40% in recent months.
Spanish farmers could especially benefit from the rising European demand for healthy food.
That’s because Spain is one of the EU’s main food exporters and has the most land devoted to
organic farming in Europe.
The growing enthusiasm for healthy eating is being felt across the industry. According to Joan
Mir, Managing Director of one of Spain’s largest food cooperatives, ANECOOP, there has been
a substantial increase in products perceived as foods that improve the immune system, such as
citrus fruits, and certain vegetables.
Exports of fresh fruits and vegetables from Spain were up by 3.6% in volume during March,
compared to the previous month, according to customs data from the Spanish Ministry of
The pandemic has accelerated the use of digital platforms for food purchases. Online delivery,
click and collect, and contactless ordering are on the rise. However, many businesses, were not
prepared for e-commerce, but know when the second wave is on the way, mostly are ready to go.

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