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World labor market trends

World labor market trends

The future is rapidly providing robotic technologies, and therefore technologies will be introduced into all areas of human existence. This alignment suggests an increase in demand for technical sciences in the IT direction.

Naturally, the times when doctors or teachers will be replaced by robots will not come very soon, therefore, when choosing a future profession, you need to pay attention to the human factor. Creative people will always be able to find a job in life, because a machine cannot replace a sharp mind.

What skills will be in trend:

  • systemic way of thinking;
  • ecological orientation in understanding the surrounding world;
  • programming and the ability to work with artificial intelligence at its various levels;
  • labor process in conditions of uncertainty;
  • communication between related industries;
  • focus on communication with clients;
  • project management;
  • multiculturalism.

The skill of knowing a foreign language, and preferably several, will be especially important. With regard to English – no options. If you want to get a “tasty” job, your level of English must be above average. The future implies close interstate cooperation in many areas of activity, and if a person cannot maintain communication, he will not climb higher than an ordinary employee.

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