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About us

CVmira is a platform for job searching in the European Union. It provides easy access to job postings and CVs and direct communication between employers and job seekers.

Candidates can post any number of CVs, apply for jobs, and directly communicate with the employer on the network to find a well-paid job in any EU country.

Employers can post job offers and use the search with filters to find excellent CVs, directly communicate with candidates, and find their next perfect hires.

Our project is entirely devoted to improving the EU job market, one employee at a time.

CVmira team.

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    About Us

    CVmira is a communication platform for employers and candidates.

    We provide access to CVs and job postings but take no liability for the information provided by users and provide no guarantees of employment.

    Please contact info@cvmira.com with any questions about our platform.


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