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About us

CVmira is a professional recruiting agency which allows finding job in Europe. It is a pity that there are many job searching services in the web world which provides incorrect information about existing job offers and even encourage illegal recruitment.

All CVmira workers once had a difficult step in their life trying to find a job in the European Union, and know all the basics and tips how to do it effectively. Our team pays attention to every detail which can make force in searching necessary position procedure.

The main reason for creating CVmira is a huge desire to help people with finding their dream jobs in Europe and to share our experience that we’ve gained working with European companies.

We publish job offers only of trustworthy companies. The benefit is that our workers have different countries’ and the European Union’s law knowledge.

We hope that our communication will be successful!

CVmira team.

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    About Us

    CVmira is a communication platform between future employee and employer.

    CVmira will not be liable for any information that contains resume or job offer.

    CVmira do not guarantee that You will be employed and do not have any impact on the employment process.

    Please contact info@cvmira.com if you are having any problems working with our site.

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    Our address in Russia:

    NEB SUDEXPERT LCC Со.TIN  7810024620
    Rubakina str. 2/5, bldg. A, ofc. 214
    198412 Saint Petersburg
    Our address in Lithuania:

    legas LCC Co, TIN 303364040, Juros str.,5 Klaipeda
    Tel. +370 685 34 553

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