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Labor Minister Martin Kocher held a press conference in September 2021. It was dedicated to the current situation in the Austrian labor market.

Labor Minister Martin Kocher held a press conference in September 2021. It was dedicated to the current situation in the Austrian labor market. In general, according to the minister, the situation on the labor market is beginning to improve. However, the situation requires serious and major reforms. These measures were announced by the Minister, Mr. Kocher, at the September press

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Jobs and available vacancies in France

Jobs and available vacancies in France According to the law, the employer has the right to accept a foreign citizen for a vacancy only if there are no applicants for it among the residents of the EU republics and France. But, nevertheless, every year thousands of labor migrants find work in this state. According to statistics, two people apply for

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Strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish economy

Strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish economy It is profitable to do business in Spain, but it is difficult to call this country a universal point of interest for business people. Here, in some places, the patriarchal way of business has been preserved, small family companies and a general orientation towards a small, chamber format. Good or bad, each of

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The labor market in Germany.

In the short term the specialists set aside the recovery of the economy after the lockdowns for two years. But even with all the negative consequences of the crisis decisive for the German labor market they consider 2 factors: demographic situation and economic structural transformation. In general, the number of inhabitants will increase slightly by 2040 and will be about

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We are happy that our issues about different situations in economics, business and others are very popular among different kind of people. The information discovered in our articles is always up to date, interesting and can be useful in planning your own business. We try to figure out what issues have the largest demand, searching for new reliable information and

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Life after Covid-19

Life after Covid-19 Actual and very painful information nowadays is about corona virus and difficulties that it has caused. It is not a secret that many production companies, small businesses and others have stopped their activities. Large ones still are floating and trying their best. After cancelation of all restrictions, occurred some problems and the main was deficit of labour.

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10 qualities of a successful leader

Are you a performer or a leader? What qualities are important for a leader’s success? It is not a secret that in companies, employees are divided into two categories: those who make decisions, manage all business processes, and those who implement these changes. The former are called leaders, and others – performers. 1. Systems thinking is the basis of the

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How to manage employees

– The task of the manager is to be able to mobilize the team, provide employees with suitable working conditions and achieve the most efficient work. It is very important to know how to manage the staff properly, otherwise all your efforts will not achieve the desired result. – Get respect from your subordinates and try to set an example

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Young people talking about business

Some of the founders of the business has started it already at school or studying, so now they are experienced entrepreneurs. However, a significant proportion of young people do not dare to start their own business due to the fear of failure, so they choose a career as an employee. The earlier you start a business, the more mistakes you

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