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Required work experience: not required
Full time, full day

Fulfillment of the appointments of the attending physician and all manipulations permitted to be performed by the nurse.
Ensuring proper patient care.
Timely and prompt informing the attending physician about the condition (change in condition) of patients, receiving instructions for care and accurate removal of prescriptions from the case histories.
Monitor the safety of medical and household equipment of the wards.
Compliance with the sanitary and hygienic regime, aseptic and antiseptic rules at the post and in the wards.
Monitoring the implementation of internal regulations by patients, technical staff and visitors.
High-quality and timely completion of all medical records administered by the nurse.

Either relocation (moving) to Germany for permanent residence, or work for a long period of 1 year.
Official employment.
Providing a curator for support at the initial stage and assistance with adaptation.
Provision of affordable housing.
Work in a team of professionals, friendly working environment, help and support of colleagues at all stages of work.
Opportunity for professional development.
Completed secondary or higher medical education.
Knowledge of the German language (certificate in German B1 or willingness to study German on favorable terms to achieve the desired level and pass the B1 exam)
Willingness to move to Germany for permanent residence or for a long period of 1 year.

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