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How To Get Rid Of Routine And Fatigue In 5 Minutes?

Awareness is the key to a harmonious and happy life. But this is not a state of constant
happiness, and we do not need to become a Zen Buddhist to be conscious. We just need to slow
down a bit in our fast-paced world and learn to listen to ourselves.
Researchers have demonstrated the benefits of meditation for a calm emotional state in which we
feel more energetic and productive. The main obstacle to practice for many is the lack of time.
But you don’t have to become a hermit in the mountains or a monastery.
You can do this 5 minute meditation practice at work. Take a meditative break. You can practice
with your eyes closed or open your eyes as you feel more comfortable.
Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, imagine how with deep inhalation the flow of energy
rises to your spine, neck and reaches your head, and with exhalation – descends down.
Imagine this energy inside you, start watching it, slowing down your breathing. Lower your
shoulders, place your palms on your hips, and relax your hands. Then look at the feet, feel how
they touch the floor, lean on them. Consciously turn your attention upwards – feet, ankles, calves,
hips, listen to physical sensations – comfort, warmth, tension.
Try to relax every part of your body. As if scanning the body, rise up – belly, chest, shoulders,
neck. Relax your head. Feel like every part of your body calms down. Make a few deep breaths-
exhalations. Next time, you can focus and relax areas where you feel tension. If, for example,
you have a headache, pay attention there and breathe. Relax and let go of your thoughts on the
job, even if all the deadlines for the job are pressing.

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