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10 ways to create positive vibes at work

Many recruitment agencies make some psychological test during the job interview. The aim
such kind of tests is to see how future worker can operate in difficult working situations, what is
the level of ability to handle stress and if worker is able to stay positive.
CVmira tried to make a list of some ways that will help you to create positive vibes at work.
Make comfort work place. Feeling physically grounded and comfortable will prop you up
for a more pleasant workday.
Environment that suits you. Maybe it will be good for you to work from home but seek a
professional location for meetings.
Culture fit. What interests you: activism, networking, the arts, social activities, career
development, mentorship? Seek out workspaces that attract members who value the same
things that you do.
Start with Yourself. Make a conscious effort to focus on gratitude, genuine integrity, and
positive thoughts. Keep the typical “glass half-full” mindset on everything you do and
Community Involvement. Staying actively involved in something you’re authentically
passionate about will naturally bring you feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.
Lifestyle. So many things in our daily lives can positively or negatively impact our
mindset. The best way to maintain a constant, consistent flow of positive thinking is to
make a conscious effort to make positive lifestyle choices.
Personalize your workplace. For those used to working from the comfort of their own
house, a shared or floating workspace can feel disorienting, but there are ways to embrace
flexibility and productivity. Maybe comfy chair, big screen or some family photos will
help you to create comfortable atmosphere.
Candy bowl. Do you have a fixed desk? A semi-regular spot in a high-traffic area? Take
it from one corporate cubicle-dweller: This cheap and simple trick will help you win
friends and influence people unlike nearly any other.
Setting Expectations. Evaluate your management style and look for ways to create a
positive, supportive, and rewarding process. Reward the positive improvements and
mentor the employees who are not exceeding expectations. Positive reinforcement can
quickly shift energy and build momentum toward your desired results.
10 Through problems together. Sure, you don’t want to end up babying your staff whenever
a small bump in the road comes up, but working out solutions to major problems as a
team is a great way to help reduce stress and anxiety in your office. There’s nothing
worse than living in fear of being chewed out by your boss for a hiccup you just can’t
figure out on your own. Take away those negative feelings by offering to work through
problems together, even if it’s just to help set someone in the right direction so you can
move onto your own work. It’ll take a bit of time to start with, but your employees will
definitely thank you later.

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