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The European Union has become attractive platform for young specialists to start their career. It offers many different recruitment agencies and a large amount of vacancies. However, when you are not a native citizen of a country, which is in the European Union, it is very difficult to find trustworthy agency. According to that we have created very special and another type of standard recruitment agency. What differs it from other recruitment agencies? We do not recruit or take money for it, we give you the platform what is free of charge for employees. Here you and your future employer can find each other and start COMMUNICATE!

CVmira became a perfect communication platform. Moreover, here employer has ability to check communication skills of potential employee, his constructive thinking, knowledge of English and ask him all needed information. We think that everything starts from productive dialogue of two people.

Another weighty argument to use CVmira is that employers can find here large resume database. Resume database is filled up with different specialties applications, so you can search for employee that you need. Cvmira also combines all popular job sectors.

So do not hesitate and start your professional career from CVmira or make the search of employees more effective and productive!


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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂


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CVmira is a communication platform for employers and candidates.

We provide access to CVs and job postings but take no liability for the information provided by users and provide no guarantees of employment.

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