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10 qualities of a successful leader

Are you a performer or a leader? What qualities are important for a leader’s success? It is not a secret that in companies, employees are divided into two categories: those who make decisions, manage all business processes, and those who implement these changes. The former are called leaders, and others – performers. 1. Systems thinking is the basis of the

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How to manage employees

– The task of the manager is to be able to mobilize the team, provide employees with suitable working conditions and achieve the most efficient work. It is very important to know how to manage the staff properly, otherwise all your efforts will not achieve the desired result. – Get respect from your subordinates and try to set an example

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7 tips to motivate employees

1 Opportunities for potential growth If a person constantly does the same thing, he is demotivated. If he doesn’t grow up as a personality, his motivation ends very quickly. The conveyor belt is the worst thing that can be in terms of motivation. When a person has the opportunity to learn something new, attend workshops, gain new skills, it always

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Young people talking about business

Some of the founders of the business has started it already at school or studying, so now they are experienced entrepreneurs. However, a significant proportion of young people do not dare to start their own business due to the fear of failure, so they choose a career as an employee. The earlier you start a business, the more mistakes you

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Oxford University

Our secondary education is not enough for admission to British universities, not even mentioning Oxford. But if many other universities can be almost guaranteed to enter after a one-year Foundation preparatory program, then to enter Oxford or Cambridge University you need to study in the UK for at least two years under the A-levels or International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and

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The circular economy: what is it and why is it important?

A circular economy is an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible, renewable energy sources are used and systems thinking is at the core. In this article we will explain this definition in more detail. It is based on three principles: – Design out waste and pollution –

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11 products that can boost the immune system

The website popsugar.co.uk has provided 11 products that will help to improve your imunine system. – Eggs are not only rich in protein, which not only can help reduce the risk of food allergies, but also have many immune-supporting nutrients such as zinc. – Oats are a great food for children for many reasons: they go well with other flavors

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5 awkward facts about the work of stewardesses

Looking from the ground to the sky, the profession of stewardess is jealous – flying around the world, enjoying free travel, work is not boring. But in reality they have to carry heavy objects, even take births. And all other accidents, inadequate passengers, stress, fatigue … What are other inconveniences of this profession? Strict rules. Even during the selection process,

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High blood pressure: it’s not worth relying on medication only – these small changes can help

Salty and fatty foods, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, constant or prolonged nervous tension, disregard for signals sent by the body are allies of arterial hypertension. If a patient has an entry for “arterial hypertension” in the medical history of the elderly family members, then the risk of the disease increases even more. People with extra weight have arterial hypertension up

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The Ministry of Economy and Innovation offers Belarusian companies incentives for relocating businesses to Lithuania, investing at least 1.5 million euros

The amendments to the Law on Investments and Employment, submitted to the Seimas, state that Belarusian companies that have concluded investment agreements with the Government of Lithuania will be able to have some benefits. In addition, they will have to invest at least 1.5 million euros, create at least 20 job positions and pay at least 1.5 average wages. If

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